Mark H. Bahr koine at ev1.net
Fri Feb 28 16:35:50 EST 2003

Regarding this word PISTEUW, and this is not doctrinal, I was doing some
study in the Greek text a few months ago, and came across an augmented form
of PISTEUW, and in a short mental lapse, thought, hmm, that is a combination
of EPI and ISTIMI, stand upon, then my mind came back and the word I have
read so many times proved to be just the aorist form of PISTEUW.  Now,
here's my query, as this incident got me to thinking...

Would it be a possibility that possibly a primitive form for PISTEUW was
indeed a combination of EPI and ISTIMI and the epsilon was dropped over time
(you know the evolving/devolving--whichever you prefer--of language) for
ease of speech and was only preserved as an augment in the "past" (please
don't start another aspect thread based on my use of this terminology--I'm
only using it for convenience sake) tenses?  Again, this is mere speculation
(and nothing to really fret over), but something that would be enjoyable to
look into.  Even if it is a possibility, I do know that in Koine usage, it
probably evolved to mean something different from the original etymology
(and I really try to avoid that etymological/root fallacy as much as
possible anyway).

Mark Bahr
The Criswell College
Dallas, TX

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