[B-Greek] BDAG usage cp. and s.

Fred Rouse frouse at cyberspace.org
Thu Feb 27 19:24:45 EST 2003

Dear scholars,

BDAG gives references with the abbreviation s. (see)
and cp. (compare).  The abbreviation cp. is defined as
as compare (frequently in ancient texts).  I have seen
it used as in "S. A (cp. B;C)" where it appears that the
verses B and C complement A and I have also seen "S. X
(but cp. Y;Z)" where Y and Z are contrasted with X.

First of all, am I correct that the cp. is used for
like examples and that 'but cp.' is used for contrasting

Secondly, how consistent is BDAG in it it's use of these

Thank you,
Fred Rouse

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