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> Andy (and others):
> I found that until I had 1 year of NT Greek, or close to it, I could not
> interact well with the conversations on B-Greek. Though I still write
> some dumb things, I wish I could erase some of my earliest posts and
> questions to the list!
> I would urge you as soon or as best as possible to enroll or take or
> self-teach yourself the equivalent of 1 year of NT Greek. Not only will
> it immensely aid your comprehension of what is being discussed on
> B-Greek, but it is nearly required for what you appear to want to do --
> i.e., interact with the New Testament on its own terms as it was written
> (or at least how it has been reconstructed and edited according to the
> best minds and efforts of the best textual critics we have today).
> William Mounce's BASICS OF BIBLICAL GREEK has a CD with it, and an
> accompanying workbook, and I think audio files of him teaching the class
> at his Web site: http://www.teknia.com. It's perhaps the most popular
> seminary textbook these days.
> David Alan Black's LEARN TO READ NEW TESTAMENT GREEK is a nice
> supplement to Mounce or any other first-year grammar, as he gives good
> explanations for things that other grammars might leave you somewhat
> puzzled about, and also introduces you to technical linguistic terms
> that will help you down the road. Now in its Expanded Edition, it has
> exercises and answer keys and can be used alone as a first-year
> textbook.
> I am currently teaching some people at church with John Dobson's LEARN
> NEW TESTAMENT GREEK (2nd Edition), and there is an accompanying cassette
> tape that reads and pronounces the first 14 chapters. Unfortunately,
> some of the pronunciation and accenting (syllable stressing) on the
> cassette is incorrect and is even contrary to what Dobson writes about
> this in his own book. It takes a very inductive, immersive approach
> (that's one reason I'm using it -- it seems less rigorous than other
> books, and I have church members, not seminary students, in my class)
> and omits accents, a problem that is somewhat solved when you reach
> chapter 17 and begin reading from the Greek New Testament, which will
> have all the accents for you.
> A book I would highly recommend is Cullen I.K. Story's and J. Lyle
> Story's GREEK TO ME. It uses a "picture memory" system to aid vocabulary
> and verb/noun paradigm memorization -- and it WORKS, especially for the
> vocabulary, which is perhaps more extensive than any other 1st-year
> grammar, i.e., all words occurring 25x or more. A member of B-Greek has
> used this book for years with stellar results among his students. The
> book is now published by http://www.xulonpress.com, item number 60222X
> -- but you can get the vocabulary cards and a CD (definitely recommended
> if you're studying on your own) that helps you learn the material from
> J. Lyle Story himself, at his Web site http://home.regent.edu/lylesto/.
> Parsons Technology has a GREEK TUTOR that might be useful either by
> itself or as an adjunct to a first-year grammar book like one of the
> above.

I have worked my way through Mounce's grammar and have enjoyed it. As far as GREEK TUTOR goes, I found it great for practicing what I learned in the grammar, but I would not have made it through its whole program without a grammar. GREEK TUTOR tells you what happens to a verb or noun in a particular tense or case, but it does not explain why it happens. Without a grammar to go with it, I would have gotten totally lost, trying to memorize paradigms that seemed to have no rhyme or reason.
Bert de Haan 
> I have posted some annotated information (including ISBN information)
> about some of the above at a page I developed at:
> http://home1.gte.net/vzn05pnm/ntgreek/resources.htm.
> As Augustine heard (and obeyed): "Take up and read."
> Best wishes!
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> Eric Weiss
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