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Tue Feb 25 14:45:09 EST 2003


I want to ensure I understand what's going on with MI verb conjugations, and vowel contraction. The imperfect act. ind. singular of DIDWMI is EDIDOUN, EDIDOUS, EDIDOU. It looks to me like there is the typical contraction going in, that is, when O is combined with E, you get OU. 
Is that correct? 

Also, the charts in the back of Mounce seem to imply that the same MI verb could use both first or second aorist. He has EDWN listed as the second aorist 1p sing of DIDWMI, but there's a footnote with EDWKA as the first aorist.
I don't recall running across a verb that used both forms. I thought it was either/or. Can someone comment?

Matthew E. Ferris

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