[B-Greek] use of EK in 1 John 4.13 & EN in v16

Steven R. Lo Vullo slovullo at mac.com
Mon Feb 24 02:02:57 EST 2003

On Sunday, February 23, 2003, at 11:26 PM, Iver Larsen wrote:

> Maybe one of the difficulties is to accept that EN in Greek has many 
> other
> meanings than "in" and "among". Look at the list I quoted from L&N or 
> go
> through the entry on EN in BDAG. I am reminded of the following 
> footnote in
> the NET Bible from a different passage:
> "Although EN plus a personal dative does not indicate agency [in this
> passage], in collocation with words of perception, EN plus dative 
> personal
> nouns are often used to show the recipients."

Hi Iver:

Since you mentioned the NET Bible, I though I would add its comments on 
EN in 1 Jn 3.16:

"tn The force of the preposition EN (en) in the phrase EN hHMIN (en 
hemin) in 4:16a is disputed: although (1) 'for' (in the sense of 'on 
behalf of') is possible and is a common English translation, the other 
uses of the same phrase in 4:9 (where it refers to God’s love for us) 
and 4:12 (where it refers to God’s indwelling of the believer) suggest 
that (2) the author intends to emphasize interiority here—a reference 
to God’s love expressed in believers. This is confirmed by the only 
other uses in 1 John of the verb ECW (echo) with the preposition EN 
(3:15 and 5:10) both of which literally mean something in someone."

Steven R. Lo Vullo
Madison WI

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