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Dan has written:


I would be interested in anybody's comments on this phrase - esp. to what
extent is it indefinite or to what extent relative. The way I read it, an
aorist after a OSTIS + present should be something like "Anyone one (of you)
who tries to be made righteous in the law is (as it were) already cut off
from Christ" rather than "you, who are trying to be made righteous in the
law are cut off from Christ" or even "have cut yourselves off from Christ".

Which is better, or is none of them any good?

---Well Dan, this phrase is definite and relative. It's precise meaning would push this into a theological debate im afraid. Which would not be respecting the wonderful guys who run this message board. 
the translation i have would go along these lines;
--Galatians 5:4--"You were released{ref.pg.526BDAG,KATARGEW}from Christ,you(the certain someones)who are proving right{ref.pg249BDAG,DIKAIOW} by(in connection with){ref.pg.329BDAG,EV) law, you lost{ref.pg.308BDAG,EKPIPTW,with the sense of changing for the worst from a favorable condition} grace{ref.pg.257GreekGrammer,James Voelz,genitive case usage for the direct object of some verbs, especially verbs of sense(though not sight)-or-to express seperation(although APO or EK is usually used)}

I hope this helps you,
Jim Paradiso
"A lowly koine greek student at the undergraduate level"

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