[B-Greek] RE: Why learn Greek?

B. D. Colt babc2 at attbi.com
Fri Feb 21 04:48:23 EST 2003

On 20 Feb 2003 at 5:54, Glendon Gross wrote:

> While Mark's terminology may have been misleading, I suspect that it
> represents an ideal that many of us are striving for:  to arrive at
> that state where we are able to read the greek text and feel that we
> have understood nearly 100 percent of what it means.  I have known
> that feeling on a number of occasions, when I get lost in the text and
> forget that I am reading a foreign language. 

I fear it will still be quite a while before I "get lost in the 
text."  But I do find that gradually, more and more often, I am able 
to read two or three verses almost as though they were English.  To 
read it as though it were our native tongue is what we all would like 
to be able to do, but I still sometimes have to reach for an English 

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