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Anthony Forsyth anthony at forsythfamily.org.uk
Thu Feb 20 06:09:18 EST 2003

In a sort of defence of Mark Wilson, I read what he wrote somewhat

It was my understanding that he was responding to the mentality of "BDAG
says it, so that's the end of the matter" and he was pointing out that
getting an understanding of Greek so that we could use these references
and then be, for all intents and purposes, bound to their conclusions,
was not enough.  Rather we should be able to look at what these tools
say and try and understand WHY they say what they say so that we can
agree (almost certainly the vast majority of the time) or disagree with
their conclusions.

The phrase Mark used that has caused the problem is "be dependent on" -
my understanding was that he meant that in the sense of "total
dependence" as if they were unchallengeable - not a reference to
depending on them for help day to day.
But only Mark will be able to say what he really meant.... :-)

Anyway, I just wanted to respond because I read Mark's original post,
thought it was really good, and yet have agreed with the all the points
made by all the posts disagreeing with him!  I guess I just read it

Anthony Forsyth
Calvary Bible Church, Medway, UK.
anthony at calvarybiblechurch.org.uk

> [Original Message]
> From: Mark Wilson <emory2oo2 at hotmail.com>
> To: <b-greek at lists.ibiblio.org>
> Date: 2/18/03 6:22:24 AM
> Subject: RE: [B-Greek] RE: Trench's Synonyms
> >But I do not agree that BDAG should have the last word! That is very
> >lexicon and it has an important contribution to make, but it is not 
> >infallible.
> I hope the reason many have undertaken the study of Greek is so they 
> do
> have to rely on Trench, BDAG, etc. Using secondary sources, such as 
> should only be used as a pointer. Secondary sources inform us / point
> One reason I decided to learn Greek is so I would not be dependent on
> sources such as commentaries, lexicons, etc. What is the point of
> Greek if we are going to stop at lexicons? Is that learning Greek? Can

> we
> any better than say, "Well, that's what BDAG says." (Like those who 
> know
> Greek and say, "Well, that's what this commentary says.")
> Bear in mind I have a long way to go myself, but that is the direction

> I
> headed. Am I heading in the right direction?
> Mark Wilson

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