[B-Greek] Off topic: German perplexity (NT theology)

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Wed Feb 19 12:07:25 EST 2003

This is not a b-greek topic, so off list replies please. I'm totally stumped
on a German quote from J.P. Gabler (late 18th, early 19th C). I have no
German context (not even a bibliog. ref. to where Gabler said this), only an
introductory statement that Gabler "urged as the deepest proof of the truth
of religion a 'Nöthigungsgefühl mit Uraussprüchen der allgemeinen
Vernunft.'" Our resident German "guru" is puzzled also. (The 1st and 3d
words are the puzzle.) Can anyone point us in the right direction?

(And in case the umlauts don't survive: Nothigungsgefuhl mit Urausspruchen
der allgemeinen Vernunft
--umlauts over the 'o' and last 'u' in the first word; over the 2d 'u' in 3d

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