[B-Greek] RE: Trench's Synonyms

Jeffrey B. Gibson jgibson000 at attbi.com
Wed Feb 19 10:35:27 EST 2003

I'm surprised that no one has explicitly pointed out that Trench produced his
book (a) before the discovery of the papyri and much of the epigraphical data
and (b) that the material he was drawing on in his claims about what was and
what wasn't a synonym of Greek words used by NT authors was primarily (if not
exclusively) from the Classical Period of Greek literature, thus giving an
anachronistic slant to the semantic range of the words whose meanings he was
trying to illustrate.

Perhaps what we need is a new Trench that is more synchronic in nature than
the old Trench is/was  and which makes use of the data to which Trench was not


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