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> >First you say "It seems that the DE(s) forbid . . . " then you go all the 
> way back to verse 3.  Which is it?  It continues or it doesn't?
> Luke:
I thought you wanted to say that verse 6 is the continuation of a sentence 
that leaves off at verse 3 (4 and 5 being parenthetical). Did I misunderstand 

Aren't you saying that the sentence, sans parenthetical material, goes like 

3:..was compelled to be circumcised

5...by those esteemed to be something...


:..was compelled to be circumcised by those esteemed to be something..

Is that what you are saying the function of APO in verse 5 is serving?


I think you're misquoting me.  I said he was NOT compelled to be circumcised. 
Then you have a parenthetical comment about the false brothers followed by 
the statement that this failure to require the circumcision of Titus way by 
the bigwigs.  Actually, I should have translated that as "by those who are 
reputed to be something, whoever they are, it doesn't matter."  Thus it 
simply states that though Titus was a Greek he was not required by the high 
muckie-mucks to be circumcised although certain "false brothers" wished to 
require it.  It simply does not indicate any separation from them but rather 
agreement with their decision.


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