[B-Greek] Gal 2 APO DE (was Fw: OFFLIST 2 Tim 1:3, 2 Tim 3:15 "apo")

Luke Slate luke_slate at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 17 21:53:25 EST 2003

>First you say "It seems that the DE(s) forbid . . . " then you go all the way back to verse 3.  Which is it?  It continues or it doesn't?


I thought you wanted to say that verse 6 is the continuation of a sentence that leaves off at verse 3 (4 and 5 being parenthetical). Did I misunderstand you?

Aren't you saying that the sentence, sans parenthetical material, goes like this:

3:..was compelled to be circumcised

5...by those esteemed to be something...


:..was compelled to be circumcised by those esteemed to be something..

Is that what you are saying the function of APO in verse 5 is serving?


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