[B-Greek] hETEROI KAKOUPGOI in Luke 23:32

bertdehaan at gosympatico.ca bertdehaan at gosympatico.ca
Mon Feb 17 12:42:23 EST 2003

Luke 23:32.-HGONTO DE KAI hETEROI KAKOURGOI DUO CUN AUTWi ANAIREQHNAI-. I started translating this as; "Two other evildoers were led away with him to be killed". Knowing that Jesus was not an evildoer I thought maybe it has to be; "Two others,evildoers, were led away with him to be killed". But now I am translating it into what I want it to read. Is there anything in the Greek text that indicates it has to be one way or the other? Thank you.
Bert de Haan

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