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Sun Feb 16 15:52:36 EST 2003

this is my first time replying to a message but i hope it proves helpful.

Is it grammatically possible for 2 Tim 1:3a to read: "I thank God, whom I
serve apart from [ie: alienated from] my forefathers..."?

I did a bit of study in the BDAG lexicon and it seems as though they would prefer APO PROGONWN to be translated "from my ancestors = as my ancestors did". (pg105 BDAG) with motion verbs use "from" as from the source from a particular place. If you imply "apart from" you would think the context would be talking about distance. If we look at it in the sense of cause or means it makes sense. Now, if he was talking about doing something "alienated from" would he not later mention the advantage of him doing so? APO can denote being apart from in distance but alienated or total displacement. I don't think so.

I hope that helped,
Jim Paradiso
"A lowly koine greek student at the undergraduate level"

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