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On Sat 15 Feb 2003 , bertdehaan at gosympatico.ca wrote:
> I used someone's "Synonyms of the New Testament" by Trench. I checked
> on the inter-net if I could find a used copy and was surprised to find
> two books with this title, one by Robert Trench, the other by Richard
> Trench. Who is who, or which is which? Is this a good book to get or are
> other, better books available.

 The book I have is Richard Chenevix Trench, /Synonymns of the New Testament/,
 Ninth Edition, Improved, London, Macmillan and Co, 1880.

 RC Trench was born in Dublin, 1807; died in London 1886. A British prelate,
 philologist, theologian and poet. He graduated from Trinity College
 Cambridge, was Dean of Westminster from 1856, and was Archbishop of Dublin
 1864-84. He was also sometime Professor of Divinity at Kings College London.

 Among his works are /The Story of Justin Martyr/, 1835; /Sabbation/, 1838;
 /Poems from Eastern Sources/, 1842; /Study of Words/, 1851; /English Past
 and Present/, 1855; /Select Glossary of English Words/, 1859; /Notes on
 the Parables/, 1841; /Notes on the Miracles/, 1846; and /Synonymns of the
 New Testament/, n.d.

 RC Trench was a generation ahead of JH Newman, and was untroubled by the
 "Higher Criticism" furore of the latter half of the 19th century. You
 could call him a Conservative Anglican. His books on the Parables and
 the Miracles are also in my possession, and are still highly regarded by
 the conservatives in the Church of England.

 Trench's /Synonyms/ is often paired with Robert Baker Girdlestone's
 /Synonymns of the Old Testament/, 2nd Ed., London, 1897.

 Both have been reprinted by Eerdman's, Grand Rapids, MI.

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