[B-Greek] question about regularly occurring acronymns

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> Occasionally a section from BDAG gets cited on-list and I find it a bit 
> intimidating for a beginner like me and that has kept me from finding out 
> it I can even afford to buy a copy.(Does your comment -go sell what you 
> have and purchase one... indicate that this is an expensive book?)
> Could you comment on why you don't care for L&N? My birth-day is coming up 
> and my wife and kids have hinted that some money is coming my way for books 
> and I would like to make an informed choice. Thank you

Please!  George.  That's what my mother called me so it's good enough.  

It runs in the neighborhood of $125 US.  I would highly recommend getting the 
electronic edition <A HREF="http://www.logos.com/products/product.asp?item=1843">http://www.logos.com/products/product.asp?item=1843</A> for 
the same price.  Other bible study programs also have this, but I prefer the 
Logos system

The problem with L & N is precisely the fact that it is by semantic domains.  
Where a word is used in different domains it will appear in several 
locations.  If you get the Logos edition this is somewhat alleviated since 
you can run a search which will give you a listing of all occurences 
regardless of domain which you can then check out.

If you can only get one, get BDAG.


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