[B-Greek] aorist infinitives

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> At 12:44 PM -0500 2/10/03, Barry Hofstetter wrote:
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> >"I once knew a classicist who named her pet goose LUEIN -- 'Toulouse the
> >Goose, >get it?"
> Not really a propos, but I'm reminded of the U. of Chicago classicist a
> century ago who had a research assistant catalog all the instances of GAR
> she could find anywhere in extant Greek literature; the young lady soon
> acquired the reputation of being said professor's "GAR-Goil." Get it?

Our classics club in college invented our own holiday, EXELAUNW day, March 4th,
on the theory that EXELAUNW in Xenephon is usually translated "march forth..."
Ouch.  But we did have some really good parties as a result, lot's of good Greek
cooking and so forth.

Ok, I'll be good from now on.

"Resistance is futile.  Your technological distinctives will be added to the
   --Bill Gates, overheard talking in his sleep.


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