[B-Greek] Intensive Personal Pronouns

Thomas A Rohm thomasmerry at juno.com
Sat Feb 8 13:55:37 EST 2003

Dear List Members,

I would be interested in hearing some comments from you regarding the
intensive use of personal pronouns in the GNT.  While any comments are
welcomed, I am most concerned about the following questions:

1.)Wallace only lists AUTOS as intensive in GGBB, but what about EGW in
constructions such as John 14:6, 18:5, 8:58, et al? 
2.) Is there a rule of thumb regarding the assessment of personal
pronouns used as subjects of verbs?  Do not all such usages carry some
degree         of intensification as their presence in the sentence
otherwise is not needed? 
3.) In diagramming intensive pronouns, is a shelf beneath an elliptic
subject pronoun (that one imbedded in the main verb) the best way?

Thank you for your responses.

Thomas Rohm
Southern California Bible College & Seminary

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