[B-Greek] Re: number of AW, EW, and OO verbs in NT

Hirokatsu Yoshihara hiro-likeluke-ml at mbk.nifty.com
Fri Feb 7 00:43:49 EST 2003


| What I meant to ask for was a list of the verbs used in the NT whose lexical
| forms end in AW, EW, and OO.

I had my BibleWorks count their numbers:

	-AW verbs:	541 words in 938 verses as 1169 forms
	-EW verbs:	2009 words in 2953 verses as 3885 forms
	-OW verbs:	437 words in 546 verses as 617 forms

Those verbs can be copied to a word processor through its editor, by
which you can get such lists. If you have access to the software, you
choose GNM as your search version, type ".*AW" (or whatever you want)
and press Enter, and click a button of "Copy Results to Editor." Then,
save the file and read it into your word processor (and your computer
should preferably have its bwgrl font installed for accents and symbols).

I'm still using its archaic version 3.0 (no money to upgrade it!) and a
newer version may have a more sophisticated way to gain the same result.

If this comment correctly answers to what you want and helps you somehow . . .

Hirokatsu Yoshihara <hiro-likeluke-ml at mbk.nifty.com>
Asia Pacific Theological Seminary
February 6, 2003 (Fri) 12:19 +0800

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