[B-Greek] number of AW, EW, and OO verbs in NT

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>"Carl W. Conrad" wrote:
>> At 6:12 PM -0600 2/5/03, Jeffrey B. Gibson wrote:
>> >Has anyone here compiled -- or does any one here have -- a complete
>> >listing of the contracted EW, AW, and OO verbs that appear in the NT?
>> >
>> >If so, I'd be most grateful to receive it.
>> I don't know about that--and you'd certainly want to count those verbs
>> don't appear in the active voice also, but I'd be willing to bet on the
>> number of UN-contracted EW, AW, and OW verbs--that there aren't any at
>Ha! Caught me!
>What I meant to ask for was a list of the verbs used in the NT whose lexical
>forms end in AW, EW, and OO.

Jeffrey, I do have such list. They are part of A Morphology of New Testament 
Greek by Brooks and Winbery, 1994, UPA. I have these in my computer as Word 
documents using Graeca font from Linquist Software. I can save them to DOS 
format but you will have to have some font from Linquist Software or the old 
Alexandria font that came with PC Bible. I will separate them out in the 
morning and have them as documents that I can send as attachments. There are 
8 list in all that give the most common verbs in all principle parts followed 
by an exhaustive list of verbs in the NT of each type. There are the AW, EW, 
OW verbs where the vowel lengthens outside the 1st principle part and the AW, 
EW, OW verbs where the vowel does not lengthen outside the 1st principle part 
and three verbs that add E to the stem in the 1st principle part and then 
there are two verbs whose stem probably ends in H, ZAW/HW and CRAOMAI/HOMAI.


Carlton Winbery
Louisiana College.

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