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On Wed  5 Feb 2003 (08:51:54 +0200), translate at biblesociety.co.za wrote:
> 2.  How would you translate KAI PAS PROFHTHS hORIZWN TRAPEZAN EN
> PNEUMATI OU FAGETAI AP' AUTHS (from the section on apostles and
> prophets)?  I've got Kraft's translation, but I would like to know how
> some other great minds interpret this.

 I have the translation by Charles H Hoole, and he puts at Didache 11:9

 "And every prophet who ordereth in the spirit that a table shall be laid,
 shall not eat of it himself, but if he do otherwise, he is a false prophet;"

 On your first question: "Running Water" is "living water" or "water of life"
 in Hebrew. See Leviticus 14:6, etc. `aL HaMMaYiM HaXaYYiYM, EF hUDATI ZWNTI in
 the LXX.
 Compare John 4:10-11 and 7:38, hUDWR ZWN. The water is "alive" because it is
 moving, not stagnant. A place with plenty of running water was esteemed a
 "clean" place: compare Psalm 137:1, where the exiles worshipped by the river
 in Babylon; or Acts 16:13 where Paul and Luke met Lydia and others for worship
 "by a river side".


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