[B-Greek] LXX, Dt. 4:10 punctuation & syntax

Polycarp66 at aol.com Polycarp66 at aol.com
Wed Feb 5 15:53:35 EST 2003

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bgreek at ntresources.com writes:

> If it doesn't show up on some systems, that doesn't surprise me. But I wrote
> the paragraph in Word XP, pasted it into Outlook XP (full version, not
> Express), and sent it as an html message (which format I knew would be
> stripped by the new list software), and it came back as Unicode Greek text.
> If someone doesn't have the necessary OS and software to read Unicode, it
> will be square boxes or question marks. Also note that this was polytonic
> Greek text, so the regular Arial font won't work anyway (that font has only
> the monotonic Basic Greek range); you'd need Arial Unicode (or Palatino
> Linotype, or Gentium, or Cardo, etc.) which supports the Extended Greek
> range.

I work with unicode all the time.  My OS may not be as compliant as XP, but 
it does handle it.  As a matter of fact, Windows 95, my previous OS handled 
it too.  

BTW:  I'm working on the Church Fathers in unicode for you (well, for myself 
too).  I have Clement (I & II), Ignatius, and Polycarp finished and am 
working on the Didache. ALL IN UNICODE.


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