[B-Greek] LXX, Dt. 4:10 punctuation & syntax

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I did not say that the new server handles Unicode. I said, "now we'll see if
the new server can handle Unicode." And, surprisingly, it *does.* The
message that I posted contained three Greek words in Unicode and they made
the round trip through the server and back to my In Box intact. (Whether
Carl approves such practices, I don't know! :) But it does work. 

If it doesn't show up on some systems, that doesn't surprise me. But I wrote
the paragraph in Word XP, pasted it into Outlook XP (full version, not
Express), and sent it as an html message (which format I knew would be
stripped by the new list software), and it came back as Unicode Greek text.
If someone doesn't have the necessary OS and software to read Unicode, it
will be square boxes or question marks. Also note that this was polytonic
Greek text, so the regular Arial font won't work anyway (that font has only
the monotonic Basic Greek range); you'd need Arial Unicode (or Palatino
Linotype, or Gentium, or Cardo, etc.) which supports the Extended Greek

(I added the transliteration after each Greek entry so that everyone could
read the text, even without Unicode.)

I didn't post this to initiate a Unicode thread, and I suspect that such
capabilities are not yet sufficiently mainstream to become standard list
practice, but one of these days we'll be able to move beyond plain text and
have a real Greek b-greek! (I hope!) And now I'll wait for Carl to slap my
fingers and tell me not to mess around with such things. And I won't.
Promise. (But the experiment was interesting.)

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Just a note on the statement that the new server handles unicode.  Perhaps
it does, but I wouldn't know it and I suspect many others would also not be
able to appreciate the unicode.  I even changed by text preference to Arial
Unicode MS and rebooted without avail.  Perhaps it is my ISP; I don't know,
but the composite glyphs appear as squares.  To be a bit punny -- back to
square one.

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