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> Dt 4:10 appears to be rather awkward in terms of punctuation and syntax.
> There is a "jarring" break of some sort between vv 9 and 10. I've been
> puzzling over it for some time and have finally written the f. explanatory
> note. I'd be interested in any comments on my solution, pro or con. Thanks.
> (And now we'll see if the new server can handle Unicode! I've added a 
> bgreek
> transcription after each.)
> V. 10. The syntax and punctuation of v 10 is awkward. Rahlfs and Göttingen
> editions have no punctuation at the end of v 9, and a comma after the first
> word of v 10. The Cambridge LXX punctuates with a colon at the end of v 9
> and no punctuation after the first word of v 10. The text above has been
> modified to follow the Cambridge LXX at this point since it appears to make
> the best sense of the text as it stands. MT is likewise very abrupt at the
> beginning of v 10. Although other possibilities exist (Wever 72 suggests
> that ?µ??a? hHMERAN is an adverbial modifier of ?????as?? hEWRAKASIN back 
> in
> v 9, but that requires assuming a major disjunction in the syntax of the
> intervening clauses), it seems most likely that ?µ??a? hHMERAN functions
> resumptively to continue the admonition of v 9. The sense is thus, “… 
> [lest
> you forget] the day in which you stood before the Lord…” (Thus also MT; 
> see
> Craigie, Deut., NICOT, 133. The NIV supplies “Remember” at the beginning 
> of
> v 10, which amounts to the same explanation.)
Just a note on the statement that the new server handles unicode.  Perhaps it 
does, but I wouldn't know it and I suspect many others would also not be able 
to appreciate the unicode.  I even changed by text preference to Arial 
Unicode MS and rebooted without avail.  Perhaps it is my ISP; I don't know, 
but the composite glyphs appear as squares.  To be a bit punny -- back to 
square one.


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