[B-Greek] LXX perplexity: Wever on Dt 4:1

Albert Pietersma albert.pietersma at sympatico.ca
Tue Feb 4 14:21:19 EST 2003

Dear Rodney,
The notation ex par means that, in the judgment of the editor, the extra item
(vis-a-vis MT) comes from one or more parallel passages.  In his Text
History, to which Wevers makes reference, he supplies some 35 parallel
passages (list 30), most of which include SHMERON. E.g. 4.2, 4.40 etc.
Whether the ex par plus was added by the translator or was already in his
parent text, Wevers' note does not make explicit.

bgreek at ntresources.com wrote:

> In Wever's (very helpful) commentary on the Greek text of Deut, he notes a
> word added to the LXX that is not in MT (SHMERON) and then explains
> (cryptically to me!): "The addition is ex par." The footnote at that point
> refers to his vol. on the history of Greek text of Deut (to which I do not
> have access). Can anyone offer a clarification?
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