[B-Greek] Re: Mounce's Vocabulary for Index cards

Larry Baker lbaker at accs.edu
Mon Feb 3 17:25:48 EST 2003

Some years ago, I had a student who took Mounce’s BBG Flashworks
software for his 300 or so vocabulary and printed for me some 12 sheets
of vocabulary-cards masters listing words on each sheet 3x6 with lex.
form, root, princ.parts, and English all on one side for covering part
of the 1¼ x 2½” cards.  I have not been able to get his software but
still have the sheets for anyone interested in a copy.

Zondervan has a counterpart text for Biblical Hebrew, but I have not
been able to do this for that material but am interested.

Larry N. Baker, prof. of biblical languages
American Christian College and Seminary
Okla. City, OK

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