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>>>I have a question that has messed a little with my head, so here goes:
>>>Why is
>SE in accusative after the OIDA in this verse? My closest guess was that
>it was
>something like this: I know you, you're the holy one of God, but then the TIS
>would throw that off. If it's really translated I know who you are, the
>holy one
>of God. Why isn't SE in the nominative and thus the difference in case between
>TIS and SE?<<
>SE functions as the direct object of OIDA.  TIS is the subject of EI, the
>being an indirect question.   A literalistic translation, however awkward in
>English, might help to see the construction here: "I know you, who you are..."

I would alter this only to the extent of saying that TIS is a predicate
word rather than the subject of EI; the construction (SU is the subject
implicit in the verb's 2nd-person inflection), anticipating the subject of
the indirect question by making it the object of the introductory verb, is
a standard one in traditional Greek. See Smyth, §2668.

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