[B-Greek] Mounce's Vocabulary for Index cards

Polycarp66 at aol.com Polycarp66 at aol.com
Sun Feb 2 14:30:44 EST 2003

In a message dated 2/2/2003 2:05:43 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
jgibson000 at attbi.com writes:

> Does anyone know if there is an online site from which one may print up
> on index cards and chapter by chapter the vocabulary that Mounce gives
> in is textbook.
> Alternatively, is there a way of formatting for Word or Word Perfect the
> "words" in Bill's "flashworks" program?
> Thanks in advance.

Just a thought which may or may not work.  Perhaps you could copy the entries 
into MS Word and then run the "print labels" function.  If you printed the 
word on one label and the gloss on the other, you could paste them onto blank 


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