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Sun Feb 2 09:06:20 EST 2003

Dr. Mann,

I hadn't seen a response to your query yet, so here is my two mites worth. 
Deissmann (Bible Studies, Hendrickson Pub., 1988, pp.151-152) discusses the 
word PERITEMNW. He seems to understand it as a technical term for 
circumcision borrowed from an Egyptian usage. The underlying Hebrew word 
isn't always translated by PERITEMNW in the LXX when it doesn't relate to 
the rite of circumcision. Anyways, at the end he says that in Egypt ASHMOS 
may have been the technical term for uncircumcision in Egypt and "the more 
definite and, at the same time,  harsher APERITMHTOS corresponded to the 
contempt with which the Greek Jews thought of the uncircumcised." Hope this 
helps any.

Esteban Otero
Tampa, FL

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