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> What שָׂעִיר exactly is meant by this word in Isaiah 34:14 and 13:21?

(Taken from The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament
by Ludwig Koehler And Walter Baumgartner Subsequently Revised By Walter
Baumgartner And Johann Jakob Stamm With Assistance From Benedikt Hartmann Ÿ
Ze'ev Ben-Hayyim Eduard Yechezkel Kutscher Ÿ Philippe Reymond Translated And
Edited  Under The Supervision Of M.E.J. Richardson):

1 שָׂעִיר: the hairy one, a goat (buck) demon, satyr ? (for bibliography see
Gesenius-B.; Reicke-R. Hw. 325, 316; see further N.H. Snaith VT 25
(1975) -118; see also the versions on the following instances; cf. also
SamP. versions.

2. On which see Snaith VT 25 (1975) 116f (cf. Bauer-L. Heb. 470n); Ug. sërÁ
(by metathesis > sëÁr, see Fisher Parallels 1: p. 339 entry 519 with notes)
vb. or sbst. upsurge, upwelling (Gordon Textbook §19:2488; Aistleitner 2689
: Driver Myths 115, 159a: watering, irrigation); in Dietrich-L.-S. Texte 1,
19:i:44f sërÁ is parallel with rbb: bl tÌl bl rbb, bl sërÁ thmtm no dew, no
shower of rain, no surge of the two deeps (or no irrigation by the two



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> Hello - I can not read modern hebrew without the vowels otherwise I could
> probably answer this question myself.  It concerns the word SaIiR
> (shin,ayin,yud,resh_page 1193 of Even-Shoshan's concordance) if you have
> What exactly is meant by this word in Isaiah 34:14 and 13:21 that is
> different from the idea of a he-goat?

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