[B-Greek] Re: Luke 12:39

Wieland Willker willker at chemie.uni-bremen.de
Sat Feb 1 13:30:00 EST 2003

Carlton Winbery wrote:
> This looks like Westcott & Hort's famous "Western non-interpolation."

Thanks for your answer!
It's not really "Western", it's only D, d. And all *real* Western
non-interpolations make sense.

> There are also other things at work here such as influence from
> passages.

Probably yes, but not with respect to the D reading.

> The text in D and the old Latin (part) would be criptic.  "If he had
> the hour the thief comes, he would not (come)."

That was my question: I cannot think of a reason for this omission,
except for the scribe omitting accidentally a line in the Greek and the
Latin simultaneously. I was wondering if the reading has a sense that is
beyond me.

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