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Kenneth C. Vendler kenneth.vendler at higherwinds.net
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There is one font which I am aware of that represents miniscule script, but
it may not be suitable for instruction in penmanship. The font I am
referring to is a reproduction of the script of Lectionary 562.  The
penmanship, in my opinion, is not the greatest, but probably not atypical of
an age where precision 1 mm technical pens did not exist.

I also have some other miscellaneous Greek fonts at
http://www.higherwinds.net/fonts.html. One of them is a font reproduction
for the famous Codex Sinaiticus.

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> Does anyone know where I can find a greek font that looks like
> I want to make up some penmaship type worksheets for my son.
> Here are some Latin fonts that are like what I'm looking for in Greek.
> http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/dos/1232/page01.html
> I would also settle for some type of prepared modern Greek penmanship
> workbooks.
> Can anyone help me?
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> I note that there has been no response to a similar previous request.  I
> think this is because no one is likely to know of such a font.  I have
never seen
> one (though that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist).  I would suggest
> you stick with standard printed forms.  If, however, you persist in your
> and are successful, I hope you will post what you find to the list.
> gfsomsel
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