[B-Greek] BAINEIN?

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Sun Aug 24 12:52:51 EDT 2003

At 12:29 PM -0400 8/24/03, Glenn wrote:
>I'm currently working through some exercises in an intermediate Greek book
>One of the exercises has the word BAINEIN in it. From the sentence (and the
>answer key) I would assume that it is some form of "come". EIN obviously
>makes it infinitive, but I can't find the root in my lexicon. Has anyone
>ever come across this word?

BAINW, inf. BAINEIN (present tense) means most basically to spread the
legs, usually to stride forwarded, so that BAINW and its compounds usually
does mean "come" or "go." But the word can also mean "mount" as in "mount a
horse" (esp. in the compounded form ANABAINW). It is, in fact, one of the
most common verbs in the Greek language., although perhaps more often seen
in a compounded than in the uncompounded form.

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