Jesus Sirach's warning

Troels Hansen tkmh at
Fri May 31 11:27:22 EDT 2002

Aarhus, Denmark, May 31. 2002

Dear Sirs!

I seem to started a debate over Jesus Sirak - or 'Jesus Sirach' if you
like - and his eventual Hebrew origin. That wasn't my intention. I
only wanted to point your attention to this passage of his:

You are urged therefore to read with good will and attention, and to
be indulgent in cases where, despite out diligent labor in
translating, we may seem to have rendered some phrases imperfectly.
For what was originally expressed in Hebrew does not have exactly the
same sense when translated into another language. Not only this work,
but even the law itself, the prophecies, and the rest of the books
differ not a little as originally expressed.

It's from the Prologue of his book. You can find it on the Internet at

Troels Hansen
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