Greek Texts for Palm OS

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Fri May 31 09:46:57 EDT 2002

I wanted to add that I use this tool and it is awesome. I think it's worth
the expense of a Palm just for this tool. Gramcord recently brought their
product out of beta and it works very well.

Tip: if you are parsing a word make sure that the word you are parsing is
part of the first verse displayed on the screen, otherwise it sometimes will
not read the parsing data. 

Olive tree also offers a number of free Bibles, Wescott-Hort among them. 

Chris Lang
Xenos Christian Fellowship

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		I purchased a GRAMCORD_NT for less than $50.00 that will
define and parse everyword in NT and I received Youngs Lit. Translation for
free and got it all on my m100. You have to be patient with the parsing, it
sometimes takes as long a three or four seconds, and sometimes I have to
bring the verse up a second time to make it work, but hey, we're pretty
spoiled - I'm satisfied.

		William Boyd
		Little Rock 

		I was recently searching for Greek New Testament texts
		  to transfer to my Palm for easy perusal.  The only one
		  I could find that was in actual Greek characters was
		  referred to as the "Byzantine Unparsed Text."  Is this
		  a reliable text?  If not, does anyone know where I
		  could find a reliable Greek text to be read on the
		  Palm OS?

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