Irregular and deponent Verbs

Ty tysbgreek at
Mon May 27 15:36:15 EDT 2002

Mounce's BBG includes 30 irregular verbs and their forms, if I remember
correctly, and Trenchard's _Complete Vocabulary Guide_  includes a list of
the nouns which decline with a gender that does not fit their form, I have
found these lists very helpful.  Does anyone know of a more comprehensive
list of irregular verbs might be found?  How about a list of deponent verbs
which indicates which forms are deponent?  While I am on the subject of
Deponent verbs, I have found that different grammars classify deponent verbs
differently.  Trenchard indicates that many of the verbs elsewhere called
deponent are actually rather words used "in pass. in NT," he does not
indicate weather that means that the words have passive meaning or are found
in passive form, is there any authoritative source on this? And my final
question as I attempt to move beyond the intermediate level of vocabulary is
what resources are there on the case irregularities of nouns?  Is there a
guide to nouns which take a case other than the expected and what cases they

Thank you,

--Ty Frost

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