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You wrote:

>Last question -- for now -- Mark wilson are you saying
>that there are 3 aspects, not two?

Not sure how to answer this. Let me say this about the number
or kinds of aspect:

1. Lexical Aspect (inherent action/state of the lexeme)

2. Grammatical Aspects

2a. imperfective (view of action IN PROGRESS)
2b. perfective (view of action IN SUMMARY)
2c. stative (view of action's EXISTING/CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS)

When you combine Lexical Aspect with Grammatical Aspect, you
have what some call Aktionsart. Aktionsart is not Aspect, but
deals with how a verb can FUNCTION based on the combining of its
Lexical and Grammatical Aspects. Aspect is Semantic; FUNCTION is

I must admit that I have not continued my study in this area and would
be very interested in knowing of recent work done on Verbal Aspect.


Mark Wilson

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