hOI for some in Mt 28:17?

richard smith rbsads at aol.com
Sat May 25 21:29:37 EDT 2002

I had returned to this passage in preparation for Sunday church, as it is
the gospel reading for Trinity Sunday.

A new question arose, if the list will tolerate a return to the OI DE

Understanding the OI DE as a switch reference construction to refer to
some among the disciples who worshiped Jesus upon seeing Him in Galilee,
should the remaining verses then be understood as being words spoken
primarily to those who wavered?

This question is based on there being no switching back to the larger
group.  This, I do not think, would exclude all the disciples from the
commissioning, but might be considered as Jesus making a special point to
comfort and encourage those who were doubting.


Might the participle PROSELQWN imply that Jesus came specifically to those
who were waivering and spoke words to encourage them?

Otherwise, Matthew leaves the doubt unresolved. Why even bring it up?

To keep this as a grammatical question, does the lack of a specific
switching back to the larger group imply that the words of 18-20 are
directed primarily to those who are included in the OI DE reference?


Richard Smith
Chattanooga, TN

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