Imperative or Indicative in John 14:1

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At 16:39 25/05/02, Douglas B Barnes wrote:

>To further complicate matters, the NIV departs from the flow and
>renders PISTEUETE as "trust," rather than believe. Judgment call? Being
>different for the sake of being different? Or would there be a legitimate
>reason not to render this word, in this usage, as "believe"?

Rather than examining the Greek, I think you may have to look into what you 
think the _English_ word "believe" means <g>

SOED: definition (2)
Put one’s trust or have confidence in (or †on) the truth of (a proposition, 
doctrine, etc.), the efficacy or advisability of (a principle, institution, 
practice, etc.), the existence of (a person or thing), the occurrence of 
(an event).

which is perhaps why Louw-Nida provides this as one of the meanings of PISTEUW:
 >>>to believe to the extent of complete trust and reliance - `to believe 
in, to have confidence in, to have faith in, to trust, faith, trust.' <<<

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