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At 8:32 AM -0400 5/25/02, Harry W. Jones wrote:
>Dear Ted,
>One thing I didn't mention was that Semantic Domains give "Manaen, a close
>friend of Herod the tetrarch since childhood" as a translation of that
>passage. So maybe "brought up togather" is a more neutral translation.
>Hopfully Carl or Wayne will have a few things to say about it.

This is actually more a question of how best to understand the content of
the text rather than of how the Greek itself works; but I do think that
"brought up together" is pretty good for SUNTROFOS. It reminds me (though
this may seem far-fetched) of the particularly kindred natures of Odysseus
and his lowly swineherd/slave Eumaios in the Homeric Odyssey. At some point
during the long talks that Eumaios holds through the nights with his
unrecognized master, he speaks of how he and his master were raised up
together by Od's mother in the palace. I don't think we have a good word
for this in English, although it's a common enough phenomenon.
"Acquaintance" (like German "Bekannter") and even "friend" are inadequate;
"soul-mate" gives the wrong idea; "raised together" "or brought up
together" is certainly the right sense--but we don't have single word for
that. Perhaps "like a brother to me" or "like a sister to me" expresses the
SUNTROFOS could be Englished as, "and Manaes, who was like a brother to
Herod the Tetrarch."

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