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At 9:11 PM -0400 5/23/02, Andrew W. Carlson wrote:
>It seems that the United Bible Socity or the Nestle-Aland text is the
>preferred Greek New Testament. I do not wish to stir up atomic shock
>waves, but I would simply like to relay some information I have learned
>from books by Dr. Edward Hill, Dr. D.A. Waite, G.A. Riplinger and others.
>The Greek texts mentioned above are based on two manuscripts. ...

Please do NOT respond to or continue the initiated by the above post. The
declaration and apparent challenge issued in this message are in
fundamental violation of the B-Greek list regulations as set forth in item
#4 of the FAQ:

extract from B-Greek mailing list FAQ (last revised February 17, 2002):
4. What topics are ordinarily discussed on B-Greek?

Some topics ordinarily discussed on B-Greek are:

--The Greek language of the Bible and related texts such as the Greek
OT(Septuagint/LXX), Koiné Greek texts illustrative of the practice of
speakers and writers of Greek in the NT era, Patristic Greek texts, etc.;

--Resources for teaching and learning (Biblical) Greek: lexica, grammars,
morphological charts, web-sites, discussion-lists, etc.--including answers
to questions raised by beginners, whether they are working their own way
through a Greek textbook or studying Greek formally in schools;

--Bibliography pertaining to Biblical Greek topics;

--Specific Greek passages in the Biblical text about which one wishes to
raise questions or suggest alternative approaches;

--questions about Greek textual variants bearing on the interpretation of a
particular passage may be appropriate (but not general discussion of
textual criticism itself--for which there is a special list of its own; if
you are interested, you can find more information at


B-Greek is not a forum for general Bible issues, except insofar as they may
bear specifically upon interpretation of a particular Greek text, Neither
is it a forum general or specific hermeneutical or theological issues.

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