CAIREIN in 2 John 10

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At 9:40 AM -0700 5/23/02, B. D. Colt wrote:
>On 22 May 02, at 14:12, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
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>> ><<"CAIREIN" MH LEGETE AUTWi = Don't say "CAIREIN" to him.
>> >It seems possible to me. . . Any thoughts?>>
>> >
>> Sure: look at the word-order, after all. Says, "Hi! Don't talk to
>> him." But you think it could mean "Don't say 'Hi!' to him"? --
>I'm puzzled.  If the word order is important, my Nestle-Aland 27th Ed.

Good point; I'm assuming a typo there: it's actually CAIREIN AUTWi MH
LEGETE. I cited the text as it was set forth in Jonathan Boyd's original
message without checking the Greek text, assuming it was right. This
word-order strikes me as allowing more the possibility of reading it as
"CAIREIN" AUTWi MH LEGETE, although I continue to think it more likely that
CAIREIN construes with LEGETE as a complementary infinitive, "don't tell
him to be of good cheer."

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