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> I was reading a book by Alan Millard with the title
> Reading and Writing in
> the Time of Jesus.  The author mentions that a
> corresponding phrase is used
> in Miqsat Ma`aseh Ha-Torah to refer to an inquires
> about the application of
> the Law to unusual situations it did not appear to
> cover.  Can anyone direct
> me to a more complete discussion of this use?
> Sincerely yours,
> Michael Abernathy

These are six documents found where the Qumran
community lived. The book you can consult is...

Qumran Cave 4 V : Miqsat Ma'Ase Ha-Torah (Discoveries
in the Judaean Desert, No 10)
Authors are... Elisha Qimron, John Strugnell


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 it must be rejected at all costs...."

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