Morphology of Biblical Greek

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I didn't find that the rules as a collection at the front to be very
helpful.  The major importance for me was grouping the words together by
morphology.  That way I could concentrate on learning how to recognize and
parse all the second aorists for example.  The rote effort is reduced by
looking at the rules but that is a hit or miss for me.

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Not long ago I ordered a copy of "The Morphology of Biblical
Greek" by Mounce. He advertises his book as showing how Greek
word forms (even the most irregular)are derived by means of
a limited set of rules. I felt that if the book could just 
do that my money would be well spent. Well when the book came
I sat down and looked through it but could not find anywhere
in the book where Mounce did this. So I gave the book back and
told them I didn't want it.

Harry Jones

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