Morphology of Biblical Greek

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The first 61 pages contain the rules (47 if you don't count accents).  I think the best way to use the book is inductively.  When you locate a form in the GNT that you don't understand, you can look up the root in the index of MBG and then read about that class of word in the body of the text.  By understanding how that specific word is formed, you learn an entire class of words.  All of the explanations of morphology in MBG are based on the rules found in the first 47 pages.  I'm surprised you didn't notice this since even the back cover clearly lists the five divisions of the book (of which #1 is: "The rules that determine how Greek words change").

Brent Hudson


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On 5/23/2002  Harry W. Jones wrote:

>Not long ago I ordered a copy of "The Morphology of Biblical
>Greek" by Mounce. He advertises his book as showing how Greek
>word forms (even the most irregular)are derived by means of
>a limited set of rules. I felt that if the book could just 
>do that my money would be well spent. Well when the book came
>I sat down and looked through it but could not find anywhere
>in the book where Mounce did this. So I gave the book back and
>told them I didn't want it.
>Harry Jones
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