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Thank you Larry. Though not perfect, (and what lexicon is?) I often recommend 
 both Thayer's and Vine's to most Christians for simply 2 reasons. One, if 
any of us could only retain half as much information as these books present, 
we would all be a lot smarter. Two, buying either one is not going to break 
the bank. At 10 dollars a pop for each, this is alot more reasonable than the 
high price of the BDAG, and easier to use also.

Whatever attacks we can come up with for these 2 great works, we must 
remember that the others are not beyond its own criticisms, and certainly not 
above scrutiny.
-Heinz Schmitz
“But God has chosen what the world calls foolish to shame the wise; he has 
chosen what the world calls weak to shame the strong.” 1Cor 1:27 J.B. 
Phillips NT

> >>Even though Thayer in his Lexicon predates the great Papyri discoveries,
> as similarly does R. C. Trench with his Synonyms of the NT, they both
> had a vast experience in study of the classics in their classical
> languages and bring that into their understanding and explanation of
> Greek NT words.  They both have extended treatments of synonyms, that
> are quite interesting exegetically, though it is well to compare and
> double check this with BDAG and Louw & Nida=92s Lexicon based upon
> Semantic Domains.  One should also consider, even in light of the
> twentieth century advancements in understanding NT Greek, that God
> sought to make Himself quite clear and understandable in the Greek NT to
> 19th Century believers, as he did to 20th Century believers.
> =20
> Larry N. Baker
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