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Wed May 22 11:32:31 EDT 2002

Even though Thayer in his Lexicon predates the great Papyri discoveries,
as similarly does R. C. Trench with his Synonyms of the NT, they both
had a vast experience in study of the classics in their classical
languages and bring that into their understanding and explanation of
Greek NT words.  They both have extended treatments of synonyms, that
are quite interesting exegetically, though it is well to compare and
“double check” this with BDAG and Louw & Nida’s Lexicon based upon
Semantic Domains.  One should also consider, even in light of the
twentieth century advancements in understanding NT Greek, that God
sought to make Himself quite clear and understandable in the Greek NT to
19th Century believers, as he did to 20th Century believers.
Larry N. Baker
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