Books for Beginners

Elijah Yoder elijahyoder at
Tue May 21 13:13:11 EDT 2002


In response to Chris Lang's mention of Ward Power's book, Learn to Read
the GNT, I heartily endorse the approach of the book.

I teach a beginner's NT Greek course and have had good success with the
integrated linguistic approach Dr. Power's uses.  By the end of the
first week of class, my students can read directly from the Greek NT. 
This is quite a contrast from some other options I have explored in
which the student would not even open a Greek NT for the entire first

The difference in approach is that the traditional methods emphasize
memorization of all vocabulary and inflectional endings before
encountering them in selections from the GNT.  Dr. Power's approach is
based on how most of learn language.  It places much less emphasis on
memorization of vocabulary. Instead,  the student learns vocabulary as
he encounters it in the New Testament and learns the different 
inflectional endings as he wrestles with them in the Greek New

In a six week intensive three credit course my students cover the ten
lessons in Dr. Power's book.  By the end of this time they have been
introduced to the entire range of Greek grammar (all verb tenses and
modes, for example) and can handle (with helps) any passage in the GNT. 

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