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Tue May 21 00:19:38 EDT 2002

Dear Carl,

I'm sorry that you have read more into what I said than what I said.

I was only stating the facts from my experience.

I really don't have a chip on my shoulder.

I just hated to see Neal waste his time with Vine and Thayer and find
out later how little regarded they are. He should spend a little more
and buy BDAG. And I might add, students shouldn't let their feelings for 
Vine or Thayer, get in the way of the facts.

Harry Jones

> At 12:25 AM -0400 5/20/02, Harry W. Jones wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> Would anyone on the list be willing to comment on the usefulness of Vine's
> >> Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words?  How would you rate this as a
> >> study resource?  If it is a useful resource, what is the best way to use it?
> >> Are there any typical misuses of this book by pastors and laymen?
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> Neal Stublen
> >> Newark, DE
> >
> >Dear Neal,
> >
> >I dare say Neal that your NT Greek scholar or NT Greek expert would not
> >rate
> >Vine's dictionary as vary high.Probably not even in the ball game. Of
> >course
> >I'm no NT Greek scholar or NT Greek expert. The books considered
> >acceptable
> >are in order of acceptability, Liddell&Scott 9th edition, BDAG and
> >Semantic Domains by Louw&Nida. Also Thayer is another lexican that is not
> >acceptable.
> >
> >It could be said that any use of Vine's would be a misuse since it isn't
> >considered authoritative. It seems to put too much weight on etymology as
> >well.
> The rhetoric and innuendo are pretty clear here: there's a dichotomy of
> "them" ("YOUR NT Greek scholars/NT Greek experts") and "us/me" (who have no
> authority but are/am nevertheless free from the prejudices of the NT
> scholarly establishment which decides what is acceptable and what is
> unacceptable, and since we/I are/am free from bias, we/I can be trusted to
> speak FOR the "NT Greek scholars/NT Greek experts"). It's not as if we are
> ALL learners of Greek, some of us having worked longer at it than others,
> nor is it the case that some reference works have won a (relatively) more
> authoritative status relative to others because of what users discern as
> more useful and trustworthy information. It might be more useful--and it
> would certainly be more in keeping with list guidelines, to offer one's own
> opinion on a question like this AS one's own opinion and to add some
> reasons WHY one thinks as one does think about this question. Might we
> offer our opinions, please, without calling attention to the "chip(s) on
> our shoulder(s)"?
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