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At 1:34 PM -0400 5/20/02, LangC wrote:
>You might also consider Ward Power's book, Learn to Read the GNT. I have
>been preparing to teach a beginners NT Greek course using his book and it
>has proven to be a helpful and challenging refresher. Dr. Power's book takes
>a more linguistic approach to language that adds another layer of knowledge,
>which is the challenging part, but it is also what makes the text useful. I
>think it has helped me to gain a broader understanding of a language that
>I've worked on and off to learn for many years.
>I think that Wenham's text, Elements of NT Greek, is also very good. But I
>think that Dr. Power's text will get you up to speed in the Greek NT more

For what it's worth, there's a new review in Bryn Mawr Classical Review of
Wenham's textbook as reissued by Cambridge:

	BMCR 2002.05.23, Wenham, et al., Elements of NT Greek

I just received an e-mail copy of the review; it hasn't yet been posted at
the BMCR website but undoubtedly will be posted there soon:

The reviewer, Richard J. Goodrich (University of St Andrews), is not very
pleased with the Wenham re-issue and also compares Mounce's textbook quite
favorably with it.

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